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Rough Diamonds

Damdia Rough White Diamonds

Our diamonds are sourced from across the world, we follow ethical laws set by the Responsible Jewellery Council, the World Diamond Council and the Kimberley Process. We can supply diamonds in the rough, please check our inventory for an up to date list and contact us with your needs.

Polished Diamonds

Damdia Fancy Coloured Assortment

Our fine polished diamonds come in whites and fancy colours which are cut and polished by our team of specialists and the results are truly breathtaking. Our diamonds are cut into all shapes and sizes, we will cater for whatever your needs and we will help you make the perfect choice. Our inventory has all the latest stones for you to take a look at.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

Damdia Designers

Damdia artisans will design beautiful bespoke pieces for you for the diamonds you choose, these works of art can also include pearls and precious gemstones to compliment your diamonds that will be crafted into gold or platinum.

Creating Your Jewellery

Damdia Master Goldsmith

Our master craftsman will manufacture your designs using traditional hand methods and also having the advantage of using state of the art technology so that your jewellery is a true work of art to last for generations. Our diamonds and jewellery are all created in house.

Investing With Us

Damdia Diamond Investments

Investing with us is safe, secure and discreet. You can invest with us in two ways, option one is to buy an investment grade diamond from our inventory, or option two is to invest in a fund from our company, please take a look at our investment section for further information.



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