Damdia create the finest diamonds and jewellery pieces that will take your breath away. Diamonds are the core of our business, our diamonds are sourced directly from diamond mines across the world, from Canada to Australia, to South Africa and beyond, only the finest rough selection is chosen which are processed at our cutting and polishing facilities in Antwerp and Mumbai where the evolution from rough to polish takes place by our exceptional craftsman and state of the art technology. Once these exceptional stones are meticulously crafted and the brilliance shines they are evaluated at diamond labs in New York and Antwerp for official grading. 

House of Damdia are prestigious diamantaires, we supply the finest diamonds and bespoke jewellery to corporate and private clients both nationally and around the world where we help them make the perfect choice with our personal guarantee of precision, passion and perfection. We also offer investment opportunities with investment diamonds.

Damdia is a private company registered in England, United Kingdom.



“Damdia, built on love, respect and wisdom”