Damdia Diamonds provide a unique way to garner Earths natural creation of beauty


Looked upon as a symbol of eternity, wealth and power in every country and culture around the world, now you can invest with a prestigious diamantaire company that produce magnificent gems.

Diamond prices do not follow the ups and downs of financial markets and so are not affected by them, prices remain stable compared to currencies and financial investments. These gems are not controlled by governments or financial institutions and your diamonds will not only maintain but increase in their value over time. These precious gems of nature require no maintenance and will be with you forever.   

Investing in diamonds is a very secure and safe method for you and for your future generations, a physical asset that you can safe keep yourself and easily transfer to other members of your family. You can take your diamonds with you wherever you want. Easily liquidate your asset in any country and any currency. A completely private and secure solution for investing as diamonds are not registered to anyone and all your personal details are kept strictly confidential, only you, the diamond investor, will know of your collection.

Damdia are diamantaires offering the finest natural diamonds to investors, collectors and fashionados. Choose from classic white diamonds or fancy coloured diamonds which come in pink, blue or yellow, we can cater for any shape and size that you desire and all diamonds are GIA or HRD certified.


Diamonds are a symbol of eternity, wealth and power